Islamic Banking and Finance In Malaysia

by Editors: Muhammad Ridhwan Ab. Aziz


Category - Finance & Investments

Islamic Banking and Finance in Malaysia: System, Issues and Challenges provides a foundation on topics of Islamic banking and finance in Malaysia. The book includes a range of topics such as Islamic banking system, Shariah law and Shariah review, Islamic legal maxims and Maqasid al-Shariah, riba and time value of money, takaful, muamalat contracts in Islamic banking and finance, products of Islamic banking and finance as well as current issues and future challenges for Islamic banking and finance. This book tries to introduce the basic concepts and understanding with respect of Islamic banking and finance in Malaysia that able to solve many unresolved issues for Muslim ummah such as the misconception of Muslim society in this country towards the aim and operations of this Islamic institution. This book is suitable for college and university students, academician, practitioner and the general public who are interested in obtaining basic concepts pertaining to Islamic banking and finance in Malaysia.

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